ADHD D&D – The Cast & Crew

We are all gamers to some degree. Recently, we started up a good ol’ fashioned Dungeons and Dragons campaign, delivered through a new method. Roll20 is a fantastic way to participate in a group campaign through Google Hangouts & now Discord since Google Hangouts has been discontinued. When we play, we are fortunate to have the ultimate straight man in our Dungeon Master, Ron.

We are also fortunate to be joined by The Shared Desk podcast duo of Tee Morris & Pip Ballantine, authors of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Below is a quick run down of the characters and the players, along with updates as they come along.

Ashimei (Pip Ballantine) – Ashimei is a teenage barbarian from Damara who loves to leap into battle. She was cast out of her tribe for being just a little too enthusiastic with her leaping. One day she accidentally tripped while practicing jumping while embiggened and crushed her chieftain’s house. So embarrassed was she, that she fled her village to seek out a group of adventurers who would lead her to where the battle is the fiercest. She’s loyal to her party, with particular fondness for Luna the healer, who she thinks is her best friend.

Selune L’Skultana “Luna” (Stacia Kelly) – The daughter of High Priestess, Shayahanine L’Skultana, however, rather than follow in her mother’s footsteps by honoring Sehanine Moonbow, she chose to follow the path of Labelas Enoreth. Unbeknownest to her party members, she is on a mission to eventually return her mother’s Holy Book, “The Bible of the Stars” to the Church of Sehanine. For now, she adventures with her new found friends to help build her skills. She thought she only had the skills to heal and offer divination, little did she know that she’d flourish in battle as well.

Mora (DJ Pyrria) – Mora Hex discovered her gift for bad luck early on. Walking under ladders never did anything to her, but woe the person on the ladder! Or nearby. Or two towns over. And don’t even get started on the black cats. Luckily, the Dragon Scouts helped Mora channel her bad luck aura into something positive and sent her out into the world to make a name for herself. With her bright green pigtails and trusty Dragon Scout Bag of Cookie Box Holding, she travels the world bringing delicious baked goods to all! And if she gets to smack a few goblins with her hammer at the same time, that’s just a bonus!

Shade Nightshadow (Thermal Wolf) – I was really young when i was brought into the brotherhood. I think around the age of seven. I was taught to steal and kill, usually only in self-defense, but that wasn’t it, I was also trained in the ways of Parkour, but I’m still training with that. The brotherhood was in a rivalry with another brotherhood. We have been rivals for a very long time. We have always been trying to take down the opposing leaders, which is why I’m here with these people. I’m on a quest to find an ancient artifact which will let us make a huge impact against our opponents.

Eryk Windwolf (Tee Morris) – Eryk Ander Windwolf is the half-eleven Ranger in his group. He was the unexpected outcome of a bachelor party that wandered into the forest of Havensmill where humans usually left the Drow to their own devices. Eryk’s father had indulged in one round too many, and found himself the next morning in the bed of a woman who was not his blushing bride-to-be. While his mother taught him the ways of the Drow and the disciplines of the bow, his father was more responsible for practical skills such as wood crafting, craft brewing, and fabulous hair. Eryk found his natural born talents to be communications with animals. His mother claimed that had to be related to his father somehow. Eryk’s mixed breeding is not problematic until he produces the bow. Yes, he has the inherent traits of his people, but it is his human blood that he believes makes his accuracy somewhat inconsistent. His mother recognized this and bestowed upon him the Raging Rogue’s Blessing. Once in a while, Eryk pulls off a shot that deals so much damage, it makes up for his previous bungles and fumbles. He find himself more at home in the solitude of the forests, but never shies away from the call of adventure when it comes to him.

Pharaxes Fireborn (Nick Kelly) – Pharaxes is a dragonborn war mage who is obsessed with the destructive nature of the elements. His family has always had ties to the gift of fire, and they have had to move out of, or rebuild, most of the villages they’ve ever occupied. Pharaxes is no exception, and has embraced this family history. He can be found studying spellbooks, occasionally muttering “everyone is flammable” as his mantra for concentration. During the Red Hand of Doom campaign, Pharaxes developed interests in additional elements, taking his lineage to a whole new place. Pharaxes’ fiery personality sometimes becomes obsessive. As a result, he is often impatient and sometimes displays an inability to focus. He considers everyone in the party his friend (and also flammable) and prefers to let his spells handle any diplomacy.

Dungeon Master Ron

About the campaign:
Our group is using D&D version 3.5 over Roll20 in the Google Hangouts. (note: this is not optimal for audio, but it’s a great way to get together.) The campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms environment.