2017 is in the books! We read books, played games, watched tons of media, and listened to even more. We traveled to famous places. We laughed. We cried (not so much). Listen to the Wolfpack as we do the obligatory 2017 Recap episode. Plus, ADHD D&D (with a new theme!)

2017 Recap

Show Notes:

0:00 – Promo: Geektitude podcast
0:40 – Intro
2:40 – ADHD D&D Kitten makes an appearance
3:00 – It’s Episode 50!
4:00 – We roll to see who goes first
4:30 – We start with our top movies of 2017 (disclaimer: we haven’t seen them all)

The Movie List:
Bright (on Netflix)
Blade Runner 2049
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (we are pro-Porg)
Wonder Woman (We miss you, Steve Trevor!)
Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 (The sailers say Brandy…)
Spider-Man: Homecoming (It’s a John Hughes movie)
Get Out

6:30 – Shout out to Joe Hogan from Geektitude
7:41 – The RunPee app tells you when to hit the bathroom during a movie
9:21 – Award-winning (here we go again…) Sorry, Tee!
10:30 – We wax nostalgiac over being geeks
12:50 – On to TV shows

13 Reasons Why

The TV List:

Stranger Things 2
The Gifted
Big Little Lies
13 Reasons Why
The CW Arrowverse
The Expanse
The Punisher
Midnight, Texas

14:37 – The Inhumans was a big miss
17:32 – Big ups to Stephen Amell
19:44 – The different responses to 13 Reasons Why
21:28 – The shows that lost us…
22:36 – On to video games

Friday the 13th

The Video Game List

Friday the 13th (we watched the movies after the game)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Papa Wolf’s game on the Nintendo Switch)
Sniper Elite 4 (which is a little out of bounds…)
Resident Evil: Biohazard (with a nod to Elf the Musical)
Ghost Recon: Wildlands (no elephants in that one)
Prey (which takes place on the Talos 1)
PUBG (so that’s what it stands for…)
Assassin’s Creed: Origins (Welcome to Egypt (and lots of zip lining))
Life is Strange: Before the Storm (a Choose Your Own Adventure game)
Destiny 2 (check out our sister podcast, Happy Hour from the Tower)

24:44 – What are the must-haves for the Nintendo Switch?
26:46 – Thermal loves jump scares
31:42 – AC: Origins gets an education mode
34:36 – Our guests on HHFTT Courtenay Taylor and Cissy Jones
35:09 – Favorite Trips: NYC, Philly
36:30 – San Fran connects Papa and Thermal via the Zodiac Killer
37:03 – Halloween Haunt at King’s Dominion
37:45 – Favorite Cons

The Convention List

MAGFest (panels were so much fun)
BlerDCon (shout out to Colby from Nerdgainz)
Super Smash Con (Nintendo themed con)
Jiranicon (they make a great Americano)


Ken Moorman and some good folks at Jirani Coffeehouse

39:45 – OCDD&D (just imagine…)
40:30 – The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series has come to an end…
42:06 – Bubble gum philosophy
43:00 – Winking shenanigans
43:53 – Papa Wolf’s new book is available for pre-order
44:00 – The new ADHD D&D intro
45:31 – We’re starting with a Mike Tyson reference?
45:52 – We do love our Roll 20 campaign
47:47 – We discuss 4K TV for some reason
48:15 – Don’t call the kiwi Australian
49:11 – Ron’s opinion on the strangers roaming around
50:00 – Of course there’s a Juggalo convention
52:10 – Now we’re really starting…
53:02 – The Erik/Pharaxes buddy cop adventure
54:24 – Sperception check
55:00 – The lizards are all swimming to one location. This could be bad.
56:30 – The Elves and Dragonborn each have their sayings
59:30 – Pip is in a found footage horror flick
59:54 – Outro