It’s actually here. We’re really doing this!

Welcome to the Geek Wolfpack Podcast. This is our debut episode, and we cover a LOT of ground on this one. We talk about why we decided to do this thing, recap our time at Super Smash Con, discuss some of our favorite apps, and then introduce the completely oddball segment we call ADHD D&D. The episode runs about 45 minutes, so give it a listen, let us know your thoughts, and feel free to give us a review on iTunes!

Geek out! -nK

Episode 1 Show Notes

0:00 – Intro
1:15 – Why are we doing this?
2:04 – Super Smash Con
Giant Table Top Controllers
Star Wars whiskey tumblers from
+1 strength fitness shirts
Lots of vendors
Urban Evolution – – Parkour Gym
Meet up – Northern Virginia Gaming Group
Indie Games!
Virtual Reality
7:45 – There’s an App for that!
Key Ring
10:30 – Pokemon Go! – It’s a thing!
11:20 – Jirani Coffeehouse
11:50 – Occoquan, the town of Pokemon!
12:03 – Team Mystick tee shirts available at Bar J Chili house
13:30 – The Potomac Nationals do Pokemon Fridays!
14:14 – Just Wanna Play nights at the Pfitz
15:57 – We own a prop from Pitch Black
16:52 – Leelu Dallas Multipass – Lootcrate rocks!
17:55 – Behind the Mask mask is in the studio!
20:54 – The debut of ADHD D&D
21:45 – The Red Hand of Doom!
22:11 – The complicated backstory
24:06 – Perception, and the Ranger has a grave warning for the group
25:13 – The characters and their corresponding players
25:26 – Ashimei, not Ashimel.
26:02 – Our first “roll for initiative”
26:12 – Hobgoblins!
30:11 – We learn to ping
32:40 – Blonde Healer!
32:52 – The printer that changed all our spell names
33:36 – Ashimei goes Leroy Jenkins!
35:16 – Erik declines the Legolas option
37:31 – Erik attacks!
38:19 – The hobgoblins attack us
39:06 – Does Ashimei have cleave?

That’s it for Episode 1. Stay tuned for more geeking out in Episode 2!